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LocoSound is a flux audio experience that is synchronized with the landscape viewed from a train window.

Through a system of GPS tracking, the audience can tune into a radio frequency when boarding a train wagon and become part of an audio visual experience that is based on:
  • a sound experience that has been created for a specific train visual (the landscape between Zurich and Basel for example)
  • a system that is sensitive and responsive to any delays, unexpected stops or other real-time changes in the train ride.
    The experience is therefore not linear but rather an interactive and responsive, taking into account the singular experience of a particular train ride.

The audio concept allows for a new type of music composition, that can also include narratives.

To travel on a train, watch the landscape and gain an audio experience. This is the basic concept of what we propose.
In the first phase we will work with sound artists to develop the audio experience, developing and testing the basic technology needed for execution, and delivering a final working concept that can be implemented on a train ride.

The result is the creation of a new way to experience train travel, particularly in a country that has a strong railway heritage, and a wide variety of differents landscapes.

You can download here a project presentation (pdf). Note that this document is for the moment only in french.